Gathering in Madrid in solidarity with Catalonia

Més de cinc millers de persona criden amb solidaritat al poble català.

Madrid gave a strong voice in support of the Catalan people with slogans like “Madrid stands with the Catalan people” and “Si, si si, right to decide”. More than five thousand people gathered in the square la Puerta del Sol, in an atmosphere of anger and outrage in light of the police repression and the brutal charges in the polling centres, stating that solidarity “is our best weapon”.

The Spanish fascism raised up openly and in a violent way through police forces but the people did not remain silent.




More than five thousand people shouted in solidarity with the Catalan people in the square “Puerta del Sol”, Madrid. The atmosphere was tense due to the presence of the police in the surroundings of the gathering, but no violent incident occurred. Although there have been other calls for gatherings with fascists connotations in Madrid to spread hate messages, no confrontation took place. The attempts to retire the ballot boxes from the polling centres all over Catalonia, the uncontrolled violence, and the numerous efforts to avoid the expression of people’s voice, raised alarm bells and the whole Spanish territory answered. Gatherings were also called in A Corunha and Cadiz, with slogans like “Catalonia is not alone”.






Gathering in Cádiz
Gathering in La Coruña