Voting goes ahead without police intervention in Vallès Oriental

Cua de gent esperant per votar a un col·legi electoral del de la Garriga, al Vallès Oriental. / JOAN MAS

In spite of logistical difficulties, the situation has been calm at polling centers in the county of Vallès Oriental (30 km away from Barcelona City). Most voting centers have been busy. Despite numerous visits by the local and Catalan police, there has been no police action taken to stop people from casting their votes. In Granollers, the biggest city in Vallès Oriental, around 10.800 people have voted out of 42.000 eligible voters. Two far-right demonstrations have been called to protest at the doors of a voting center, yet no one has showed up. In Mollet, no incidents have taken place today.

In the other villages in Vallès Oriental , voting has taken place in a normal way, in spite of the difficulties in setting up the voting center facilities and the long queues of people waiting to vote. Right now, the Referendum Defense Commitee activists remain at the voting centers of Valles Oriental. Their aim is to protect the voting centers from possible interventions by the Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil (Spanish police) to impede voting.