Person shot with rubber bullet has occular injury requiring operation

El Servei d'Emergències Mèdiques s'emporta una persona ferida per una bala de goma a l'escola Ramon Llull de Barcelona. / PEDRO MATA
According to medical sources, the man received a rubber bullet to the face during operations by the Policia Nacional at the Escola Ramon Llull in Barcelona, causing an occular injury which is currently being operated on at the Hospital de Sant Pau.
Agència UO has captured the moment in which the man was hit by the police projectile. The Catalan parliament outlawed the use of rubber bullets in 2014, however Spanish police have been carrying rubber bullet rifles during their recent deployment in Catalonia, as they have been doing in other parts of the Spanish state in which they have riot control jurisdiction.
Throughout the morning, at least 39 people have been tended to by the SEM, according to emergency services.